Andijan State Medical Institute

Andijan State Medical Institute is founded in 1955 in one of the ancient cities of Fergana valley. The Institute keeps one of the leading positions amongst higher education facilities of the Republic. The scientific potential of the Institute is growing every year.

During the Independence years the faculty of the institute prepared more than 5000 highly qualified general practitioners, 452 residents, 109 post-graduate students, 13 doctoral candidates.

For today the graduates of the Institute go through postgraduate education on the following specialties: obstetrics and gynecology, anatomy, ENT, internal diseases, cardiology, pediatrics, dermatology and venereology, physical therapy and sports medicine, traumatology and orthopedics, pharmacology, X-ray diagnostics and roentgen-therapy, psychiatry, neurosurgery and doctoral candidacy on surgery and neurosurgery. There are participating 4 Honorary Scientists of Uzbekistan, 3 members of New-York Academy and 2 members of Russian Academy of Pedagogical Sciences in the process of education. There are the following faculties in the Institute: Curative, Pediatric, Medical Pedagogic, Higher Education Nurse, and Postgraduate Medical Education Faculty. There are working 1030 staff members at 59 chairs. Out of 452 faculty staff, 54 are Doctors of Science, docents.

There are 1295 students in the Curative department, 1210 – on Pediatric, 46 – Medical Pedagogic, Higher Education Nurse – 50 students. The Institute is closely working with international organizations, like Project “Health”, USAID/ZdravPlus, “Tempus” and “Soros” foundation.The Institute Clinic is for 700 beds. There is modern diagnostic equipment (MRT, doppler, Scanners, endoscopes, etc.). There are affiliations of republican Centers on Vertebrology, Lymphology and Cardiac Surgery. The Institute has all the necessary prerequisites for the training process and research work on a high level.

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