samarkand state medical institute

The Samarkand Medical Institute is the first medical university in Central Asia. The main goal of the Institute is to train highly qualified medical personnel meeting the requirements of world standards.

The history of the Institute dates back to1930. Over the years, the Institute has made an invaluable contribution to the development of medical science, not only at the local but also at the world level.

Moving with the times, the institute actively introduces innovative modular and electronic training technologies in the education process. Since 2013, the institute has implemented a credit-module education system based on and meeting the requirements of ECTS, which makes it possible to actively attract foreign students.

The Institute has very rich material and technical foundation. There are all the required conditions for obtaining high-quality medical education, accommodation, and leisure activities for students.

Submit Your Fee

Pay visa invitation and consultation fee for application process

Don't pay university fee before admission

1st Semester Fee

Admission/Registration/Medical Insurance/ Hostel/ Police clearance ( Hostel is Compulsory For First Year)

3400 USD

Visa Invitation & Admission Letter

300 USD

Mess Charges (per month)

120 USD

2nd Semester to 6th year ( Per Semester Fee)

Tuition Fee

1700 USD

Hostel fee

300 USD